Hi, and welcome to my psychotherapy practice.

My journey to this work began back in the late eighties when I started my undergraduate work in psychology at University of California, San Diego.  I studied psychology because I yearned, like many of us, to understand why we do what we do.  After earning my Bachelor’s degree in 1993, I worked at an Acute Diversion Unit in San Francisco that catered to the severely mentally ill.  It was the struggles, and the smiles, of those wonderful clients that inspired me to devote my life’s work to helping people find a peaceful place.

In 2002, I began Master’s studies at San Francisco State University.  It was during my tenure there that I catered to the underprivileged populations of San Francisco.  I was able to hone my clinical skills in the areas of depression, anxiety, substance abuse and trauma, as well as counseling on family and parenting challenges.  I graduated from San Francisco State University with honors in 2004, earning a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.  I then took a break from clinical work to begin my family.

When I was ready to re-enter the workforce, I worked treating people with opiate addiction.  That experience helped me develop a humanistic approach toward counseling, one that is holistic and helps to move my clients toward a stronger, healthier, sense of self.  My approach is based on unconditional positive regard for each client and an empathic understanding of each client’s struggles.

In 2007, my family and I moved to Dayton, Ohio.  Since then, I have been working in private practice, specializing in adult individual and couples' counseling.  I have come to love the people of Ohio and cherish the stories and challenges they share with me.  I continue to feel passionate about helping people find that peaceful place, and this goal embodies my therapeutic practice.

I practice with the belief that therapy can be a rich and vital exploration into understanding the deepest parts of our selves: the parts we cherish as well as the parts we want to change.  We all have unconscious patterns that can get in the way of living the life we want to lead. These patterns can manifest in many ways: as anxiety, as depression, as phobias, as unexplained physical illness or pain, as addiction, even as rage. These symptoms can affect many areas of our lives, including relationships, work, self esteem, creativity, and sexuality.

Change is possible when these patterns can be expressed and understood in an open, safe and accepting space.  With good communication and trust between client and therapist, the therapeutic environment becomes such a space.  The therapeutic session becomes a path to awareness and an environment for healing and empowerment.

The path is different for everyone, but eventually with a commitment to open exploration, psychotherapy has the potential to lead to exciting, healthy change.

I am committed to working with adult individuals, couples, and families to further this change. I am LGBTQ affirming and dedicated to working with clients in traditionally underserved and stigmatized communities.

I am a clinical fellow of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, an organization that promotes high standards for education and experience in family therapy.